War for The Future | Chuck Pierce Key Prophecy July 1st 2018

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Published on July 02 ,2018 by Chuck Pierce

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  • Renee Dunn
    Renee Dunn 7 days ago 3959

    Such a powerful prophetic word and gift

  • Renee Dunn
    Renee Dunn 7 days ago 3826

    Amen from Miami, FL

  • J. Ramsay
    J. Ramsay 2 months ago 5345

    What kind of freaky New Age dancing is this? This isn't the Holy Spirit of the book of Acts! Disturbing!!

  • adam davis
    adam davis 8 months ago 5723

    Test the spirit people .

  • mmh
    mmh 2 years ago 3606

    Not one bible verse....
    Just a bunch of words....
    Chapter and verse????

  • lisa blady
    lisa blady 2 years ago 3522

    The day (actually the moment) he gave this message I was clearing the back line of my property and at some point I stopped and looked at what I'd weeded out and it was WAAAAAY behind the property line into the back field behind.
    That same week I broke up with my boyfriend.
    13 days later I was laid off from my job after being with the same company for 12 years.
    1 month later my son and his family moved in with me for 4 months to start their new career in another state.
    All of this on the tail end of this prophecy. I knew God was clearing things out and re-positioning me for something great. Thank you Chuck.

  • Bohoul
    Bohoul 2 years ago 2418

    What the fuck are they doing in the front that's just a distraction

  • Sandy239 b
    Sandy239 b 2 years ago 3910

    I don't like the commotion...

  • Danielle Somerfield
    Danielle Somerfield 2 years ago 4531

    I took new ground through my praise and worship but Bill Johnson partnered with evil and cast me out of a religious cult, Dayspring Church in Sydney Australia. He sowed idolatry (arrogance), jealousy/envy, contention, rivalry, division and hatred (works of the religious spirit), that's why Redding is reaping destruction. The evil wanker arrogantly refused my peaceful confrontation outside his hotel with his PA a year and a half ago, disobeying his own revelation. Heidi Baker also refused confrontation this year and the cult had the police there within minutes while my son who set up their TV ministry was inside without any knowledge of their evil plan against his mother. These people are manifesting pure evil.

  • J Bradley
    J Bradley 2 years ago 3204

    Okay, so how do we do this?  He keeps saying God is positioning us for war but gives no direction of what that looks like or what that means.  He's saying we are to re-align ourselves.  Realign how? Can someone tell me how to do that other than what the Bible has already instructed us -   seeking the Lord, reading the Bible, praying in the Spirit, looking for His return, and walking by faith?  Someone please explain:  What is the first alignment?  How do we clear the land?  Exactly what does it mean to soar?  It all sounds good and spiritual, but how do we actually apply any of this prophetic word to our lives?  What is alignment of our boundaries?  What boundaries we are aligning?  How do we clear the land ahead?  Exactly what steps are we to take so we can soar?  Why is there is no practical application of HOW we are to accomplish ANY of these things?   Also, where are the scriptures in the Bible that verify any of this prophetic word to explain it?  Is God speaking to us in code using words like repositioning, aligning and clearing the land?  What exactly is the land we are to be clearing?  I asked a Chuck Pierce follower what it all means.  She told me he speaks in the spirit.  The reason a person doesn't  understand the prophetic ministry, is because  they have a religious spirit, and a religious spirit killed Jesus.  Well, I don't understand this prophesy and if I should be preparing for war and realigning my life, I want to know how to do it.


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