C: The Contra Adventure Game Review (1998) (PS1)

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Published on March 28 ,2017 by stanburdman

A 3D and 2.5D Contra game rolled into one. While it plays really well in 2.5D, the aiming is pretty screwed up in the 3D segments, making the entire game suffer.

Developed by Appaloosa Interactive
Published by Konami
System: PSX
Genre: Run and Gun, Platformer, 3rd person Shooter

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  • SuperPlumbus Idk
    SuperPlumbus Idk 5 months ago 2239

    I think he actually moved to Shrelanka. That's why he hasn't made a video in over a year.

  • Ray Phoenix
    Ray Phoenix 7 months ago 5502

    Thank you, Stan.

  • Nathaniel L
    Nathaniel L 8 months ago 0743

    Lmao ur pretty funny

  • Chris R
    Chris R one year ago 4607

    Think you mean narrow not thin

  • Puerto Riconnect
    Puerto Riconnect 2 years ago 4549

    I'm so happy that you made fun of the name for so long. Exactly how I felt.

  • Elefterios Makis
    Elefterios Makis 2 years ago 0040

    A lot easier than old school contr agames? no dude. the health ar doesnt mean shit if you are getting attacked every two seconds .

  • Elefterios Makis
    Elefterios Makis 2 years ago 5955

    This game is terrible. it's way too fuckin overly difficult. I have it on the easiest setting and still die multiple times before the first fuckin boss.

  • Metal Kolsto
    Metal Kolsto 2 years ago 2639

    Legacy of war was great this is a blasphemy to contra and where's the music at lol

  • Mr_x 1992
    Mr_x 1992 3 years ago 0532

    They should have made this game 2.5D all the way, because the level design is good, but the controls and caemra during 3D stages are just so bad.

  • River White
    River White 4 years ago 2629

    Contra: Legacy Of War is a better game.


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