Spicy Fish Curry with coconut milkමාලු කිරටSri Lankan style)

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Published on June 04 ,2016 by TheCulinarycorner

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  • Pgatov Cranbrook
    Pgatov Cranbrook 4 months ago 0743

    I'm hungry

  • Shamila Zakariya
    Shamila Zakariya 11 months ago 1107

    I tried it... one of the best recipe ever! Thank u soo much
    Stay blessed

  • Denis Maybir
    Denis Maybir one year ago 5222

    Thank you for a lovely recipe. I'm a Lankan girl trying my best to learn each recipe so I can cook it for my Russian husband, and then I can teach my children one day too. He loves our Sri Lankan food, and loves a lot of spice and heat in the food. He has been requesting a good fish curry for a while, so I will make this next. Do you have any suggestions for which curries I should make to accompany the fish curry? Thank you! ^^

  • Umi Riyan
    Umi Riyan 2 years ago 3120

    Woow i love Sri Lankan fish curry 👌👍💞💞

  • Victorious Marck
    Victorious Marck 2 years ago 3304

    nice recieps! you should put the ingredients in the description. :)

  • Glen Power
    Glen Power 2 years ago 2208

    That looks amazing! What time is dinner haha... Liked and subscribed. Thank you for sharing.

  • chammi vithanage
    chammi vithanage 2 years ago 5421

    i make with small fish its a nice receipe thank you very much

  • Kmahabir
    Kmahabir 2 years ago 5242

    This recipe was very simple and easy to understand. I tried it and it was great!! Thank you very much!!

  • 岩井貴俊
    岩井貴俊 2 years ago 2448

    マグロかな 魚?

  • Noura Baszan
    Noura Baszan 2 years ago 0402

    Tamarind paste work also?


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