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Published on April 18 ,2019 by F Junction

Whey protein is one of the most popular sports supplements in the market . All fitness enthusiasts take it , thinking it is complately healthy. Howver when we take whey protein we also get a lot of dyes and artificial sweeteners along with it. Taking unflavoured whey is on of the best ways to take whey protein.

High number of side effects of sucralose

Headache because of artificial sweteners

Chemical Toxicology, rats given sucralose had increased incidents of enlargement
of the caecum (the first section of the large bowel),
pelvic epithelial hyperplasia (precancerous cells of the pelvis),
and renal mineralization (accumulation of mineral in the kidneys)


sugar replacement caused enlargement of the liver and kidneys.

Food dyes

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  • Muhammad Masood
    Muhammad Masood 17 hrs ago 3030

    Now i have started nestle Beneprotein after watching your video

  • Mukul CR7
    Mukul CR7 23 hrs ago 4949

    Sir my age was 19 i take asitis whey protein concentrate unflavoured and i got acne on all over my body can u please explain it.

  • James Dev
    James Dev yesterday 0727

    Bhai jo daal air chawal khataa hy tu paata v hay tujye ki kidney chemical fertilizers aur chemicals se wash hokar packaging hoti hy in ki....

  • Vishal Thakur
    Vishal Thakur 2 days ago 4627

    U you take it in a right way and good quality of protein under the guidance of an experienced trainer then im sure it will cause no harm

  • Nitish Sharma
    Nitish Sharma 2 days ago 5734

    You tube should reconsider the freedom of uploading...koi bhi kahin se bhi. Kuch bhi...I am sure there is a video on YouTube, water is not good for health 🙄

  • Nitish Sharma
    Nitish Sharma 2 days ago 5522

    Kya video hai ( waistage of time )

  • Adnan Hossain
    Adnan Hossain 3 days ago 4425

    kid, u dont look like a gymnist, talking about a product without using is really funny, i use this product and its one of the best supp that i have ever used, and if course all supps have some side effects like all the medicines, it depends on whether u use it correctly or abuse it like drugs. u should not talk about things that u haven’t used.

  • Killswitch ali
    Killswitch ali 6 days ago 0713

    why the fuck my an English titled video and then speak Indian ffs

  • chirag vlogs
    chirag vlogs 6 days ago 4209

    Bhai mai abhi mara weight 54kg hai age 16 I have just started whey gainer but I am taking to gain weight so what should I take whey gainer or mass gainer

  • Arun kumar
    Arun kumar 7 days ago 2055

    Hello sir recently I bought muscle blaze whey gold protein isolated how is it. Now I have bought so I should take it or not


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