Vim - Working with Many Files step 1

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Published on January 02 ,2016 by Development Methodologies

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  • Clive Scott
    Clive Scott 8 months ago 2023

    This is great

  • Leandro Torres
    Leandro Torres 12 months ago 2709


  • lemontheme
    lemontheme 2 years ago 1514

    damn, this is informative!

  • poliklosio
    poliklosio 2 years ago 4337

    Wow, this is some excellent teaching material here! This is not some BS like other videos where they talk without example, boast about themselves or do plugin advertisement. This is showing actual Vim usage by example, with some repetitions, and treating the subject (vim buffers) completely without leaving me searching the web for how to do that last detail. Thank you so much!

  • hjkl
    hjkl 2 years ago 3352

    I wish I knew about b# a long time ago....shit


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