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Published on January 13 ,2015 by Ben Larcombe

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Sam played with the Palio Master 2 table tennis racket:

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The Expert in a Year Challenge followed the progress of novice table tennis player Sam Priestley during 2014, as he attempted to go from beginner to expert in just one year and break into the top 250 players in England.

The challenge is now finished and I decided to go back through all of the old footage I have of Sam's table tennis and make a 1 Second Everyday video of the entire challenge. It's called '1 Second (Almost) Everyday' because we didn't play every single day of 2014 and also sometimes we would forget or not be able to film.

I hope you enjoy the video. I think it's a great way of displaying Sam's transformation over the year from complete novice to competent player. He may not quite be an 'expert', or have a top 250 ranking, but he's come such a long way during the past 12 months!

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  • Ben Larcombe
    Ben Larcombe 2 years ago 3507

    Thanks for watching our table tennis transformation video. If it's inspired you to try your own "Expert in a Year" challenge then please visit for some tips on how to get started!

  • EJS88
    EJS88 7 days ago 2021

    “Guy gets personal training and coaching for one year”

  • Fire Guy
    Fire Guy 2 weeks ago 1635

    So did the guys he played against her really good too

  • Gladiator7 7
    Gladiator7 7 2 weeks ago 1531


  • Urvin Savla
    Urvin Savla 2 weeks ago 2917

    I loved the song in the background

  • Jordan Dean
    Jordan Dean 2 weeks ago 2013

    Slowly transforms to jeans to shorts

  • Putin is hot Xxx
    Putin is hot Xxx 2 weeks ago 5952

    You wasted a year of your life

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face 3 weeks ago 5839

    My bat's better than urs lmao I hav palio expert 2

  • RainmanCT
    RainmanCT 3 weeks ago 5859

    Mind if I ask what his final rating/ranking ended up at the end of the challenge? He clearly improved, but...curious how close he came to breaking top 250 players in England. Minor suggestion, change the wording of the title; there's probably over a million people on the planet who play at least once per day as I don't doubt you've been hearing. Nice video tho.

  • dkoor
    dkoor 3 weeks ago 1724



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