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Published on January 13 ,2015 by Ben Larcombe

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Sam played with the Palio Master 2 table tennis racket:

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The Expert in a Year Challenge followed the progress of novice table tennis player Sam Priestley during 2014, as he attempted to go from beginner to expert in just one year and break into the top 250 players in England.

The challenge is now finished and I decided to go back through all of the old footage I have of Sam's table tennis and make a 1 Second Everyday video of the entire challenge. It's called '1 Second (Almost) Everyday' because we didn't play every single day of 2014 and also sometimes we would forget or not be able to film.

I hope you enjoy the video. I think it's a great way of displaying Sam's transformation over the year from complete novice to competent player. He may not quite be an 'expert', or have a top 250 ranking, but he's come such a long way during the past 12 months!

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  • Ben Larcombe
    Ben Larcombe 2 years ago 3507

    Thanks for watching our table tennis transformation video. If it's inspired you to try your own "Expert in a Year" challenge then please visit for some tips on how to get started!

  • Manolo Marroquin
    Manolo Marroquin 5 days ago 4030

    Anyone knows the name of the song?

  • Umit Kayabas
    Umit Kayabas a week ago 4102

    I got an ad on this with a dude named money jesus and he says he made 10 grand in 30 days.

  • Rydro
    Rydro a week ago 1050


  • SuRIKE
    SuRIKE a week ago 4857

    1:08 I think that's my secondary school

  • I have schizophrenia
    I have schizophrenia a week ago 5032

    YouTube recommendation algorithm brought us all here again..

  • Bagus Pradnya
    Bagus Pradnya 2 weeks ago 0826

    Run forrest runnnnnn

  • Vincent Samzelius
    Vincent Samzelius 2 weeks ago 3546

    You only film one or two good balls in a row. What abou the other thousend balls that you not wanted to have in this video. Actually not that impresing!

  • Jason Zheng
    Jason Zheng 2 weeks ago 1357

    But did you win that last game?

  • Dean Coysh
    Dean Coysh 2 weeks ago 2117

    And what was the point in this


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