[FMV] Ryosuke and Haruna - Run

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Published on August 24 ,2014 by himawari

MUSIC : Run by EXO
DRAMA: Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo N
I do not own anything, I only made this to show my love for this drama.

I don't think the actors and actresses need to do anymore excerise for a while, the amount of running that they had to run this ep, wow. Especially Ryosuke, he ran the most, up the buldings, down the alley ways and etc. Since this ep had A LOT of running then I thought it would be best to use EXO's Run as the soundtrack for this FMV. Since they both related to running.

As you may know now, I LOVE K-pop and it took me forever to come up with my top 5 bias and Yamada Ryosuke is just destorying it, it's like he just KO all my top biases. He definitely has a beautiful smile and I love just facial expressions, it's really cute and dorky. Something that I haven't seen in a while! Same for Haruna, she's just adorable. I already liked her since the drama called something Yankee (the name is too long.), then from Host club, she was the main reason why I even watched it and now this Kindaichi series.

I can't believe it , it's already ep 6. I enjoyed my summer because of this drama and it's sad that we are getting closer to the end of this series. Seriously directors, make 3 more seasons and 5 more specials with Ryosuke and Haruna! (I actually wanted 5 more seasons and 10 more specials but that is impossible.) It doesn't even matter if you use old cases (that are already be used in the older seasons)! Did anyone realise that in the next ep, a character is called 'Haruna', for reason I started to laugh although it isn't funny

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