Mario Tennis 64 - MAX Difficulty

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Published on February 23 ,2008 by Nintendewd

This is a video of a 3 set - 2 game match between Donkey Kong (me) and Mario, set on MAX dificulty. The game is Mario Tennis, for the Nintendo 64.

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  • Tez89f
    Tez89f 5 months ago 2554

    Some people won't understand how hard it was to play the computer on max. That was some real stuff coming back from 40 - love. Salute

  • Tucker Johnson
    Tucker Johnson 6 months ago 3326

    I came here to see if the original Mario Tennis was more challenging than Mario Tennis Aces, and it doesn't look like it. This is MAX difficulty, but it still doesn't look that hard.

  • Rudy Straight
    Rudy Straight 12 months ago 2616

    who is the best character to use?

  • Rudy Straight
    Rudy Straight 12 months ago 2446

    i need help with max difficulty. whats your game plan. what buttons do you use in this situation a, b? both double b, double a? aand b?

  • brony simpson
    brony simpson one year ago 4515

    if only I had gotten my hands on this game as a kid back in the days of N64 and GBC.

  • Ryan Gross
    Ryan Gross 2 years ago 2015

    He keeps staying in "no man's land", and he doesn't head back to the baseline when DK is about to do an overhead smash.

  • Matthias Walter
    Matthias Walter 2 years ago 5805

    How..., just HOW?

  • TheKHfan358over3d
    TheKHfan358over3d 2 years ago 1447

    wait look to the right

    SMG4 is in mario tennis 64

  • OctavKitty
    OctavKitty 2 years ago 3304

    smg4 wat u doin ere ?

  • not myname
    not myname 2 years ago 1503

    Well played. I was always Daisy


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